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Exceptional Pool Maintenance for Irving Residents

At Integrity Pools, we specialize in providing top-notch Irving weekly pool service for the vibrant community of Irving, Texas. Our dedicated team ensures that every swimming pool is maintained with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, so you can enjoy a pristine pool without the hassle.

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Weekly Pool Service: Everything Included, Nothing Overlooked!

Dive into hassle-free pool ownership with our Weekly Pool Service: Everything Included, Nothing Overlooked! At Integrity Pools, we understand that your swimming pool is a significant investment and a central feature of your home’s leisure amenities. That’s why we’ve tailored a comprehensive weekly maintenance plan to ensure your pool remains the inviting oasis it was meant to be. 

Every week, Integrity Pools delivers a thorough cleaning regimen that ensures every part of your pool is spic, span, and well-maintained. Our team expertly handles the removal of surface debris, scrubs the walls and floor to prevent algae growth, and vacuums the entire pool. This routine cleaning not only maintains the visual appeal of your pool but also enhances the overall water quality, making it safe and inviting for everyone.

Detailed Chemical Management

Maintaining the right chemical balance in your pool is essential for ensuring the water is safe and clear. Our professionals meticulously test and adjust the chemicals in your pool, including pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. Proper chemical management not only protects your health but also extends the lifespan of your pool equipment by preventing corrosion.

Regular Equipment Checks

As part of our weekly service, we conduct comprehensive checks on all pool equipment. This includes inspecting the pumps, filters, and heating systems to ensure they are functioning correctly. Regular equipment maintenance helps detect potential issues early, saving you from costly repairs and ensuring efficient operation throughout the year.

Prompt Minor Repairs

Our weekly pool service also encompasses minor repairs as necessary. Addressing small issues promptly during our regular visits prevents them from turning into major problems, offering you peace of mind and safeguarding your investment. With Integrity Pools, you can rest assured that your pool is always in pristine condition, ready for enjoyment at any time.

All-Inclusive Pool Care

Choose Integrity Pools for an all-inclusive weekly pool service that covers every aspect of pool care. From cleaning and chemical management to equipment maintenance and minor repairs, we handle it all, so you don’t have to. Enjoy a clean, safe, and functional swimming pool all year round without lifting a finger. Let us do the work while you relax and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Best of Fort Worth Pool Service 2023
Best of Fort Worth Pool Service 2023

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Comprehensive Pool Cleaning Service

Our pool cleaning service is thorough and meticulous. We handle everything from skimming the surface to scrubbing the walls and floor, ensuring every corner of your pool is spotless. With Integrity Pools, your backyard pool is in professional hands.

At Integrity Pools, our Comprehensive Pool Cleaning Service is designed to ensure your swimming pool is always in prime condition, making it a centerpiece of relaxation and entertainment. We are committed to providing unmatched swimming pool maintenance that addresses every component of pool care.

Each week, our skilled team performs a thorough pool clean that revitalizes your swimming space. This service includes skimming debris from the surface, vacuuming the ground, and scrubbing the walls and deck to prevent algae and buildup. Our attention to detail ensures that every corner of your pool remains pristine.

On top of regular cleaning and maintenance, we offer pool school sessions for our customers interested in understanding the essentials of pool upkeep. These educational sessions empower pool owners with knowledge about routine care, helping them maintain their pools efficiently between professional services. 

Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity of your pool. At Integrity Pools, we take pride in delivering an Expert Pool Maintenance Service that stands out among pool companies in the Irving area. Our dedicated approach ensures that your swimming pool remains in optimal condition, enhancing its longevity and performance.

Our team specializes in comprehensive pool services that cover every aspect of maintenance. We routinely check and balance the water chemistry, ensuring that your pool’s environment is safe and inviting. Regular inspections and maintenance prevent common issues that could lead to costly repairs down the line.

One of the key aspects of our service is the attention to detail we apply in every job performed. This includes the careful monitoring of water levels, ensuring they are appropriately filled, and examining all components such as pumps and drains to make sure they are functioning efficiently. This preventative approach saves our customers significant costs in potential repairs.

Reliable Pool Repair Service

Integrity Pools is recognized as a reliable pool repair service provider, emphasizing efficient and effective solutions for any pool-related issue. As a seasoned pool company, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of repair needs, ensuring that your swimming pool remains in optimal condition.

Our repair service begins with a thorough inspection to identify any issues, from leaks in the pool’s structure to problems with the filtration system. Understanding the cause of the problem is key to providing a lasting solution. We prioritize a proactive approach to repairs, addressing minor issues before they escalate into costly damages.

Issues can arise without warning. That’s why pool repairs are geared to address any problems swiftly and efficiently. From leak repairs to equipment malfunctions, our professionals are equipped to restore your pool to its best state.


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As a trusted pool cleaning company in Irving, TX, we pride ourselves on our commitment to every customer. Our service is made to meet the unique needs of swimming pools, ensuring personalized attention and care.

Why Choose Integrity Pools?

Choosing Integrity Pools means opting for reliability, efficiency, and quality. Our team of pool maintenance experts is passionate about what they do, allowing you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool with peace of mind. Hire us today, and let us take the effort out of your pool maintenance.

Contact us now to schedule your service or to learn more about how we can make your pool maintenance effortless. Integrity Pools – we’re here to let you rest, relax, and enjoy your perfect Irving pool.




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