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Pool Filter Cleaning by Integrity Pools is your go-to service for maintaining crystal-clear pool water through professional filter cleaning and maintenance. Situated in Irving, TX, our experienced team ensures your pool’s filtration system operates at peak efficiency with comprehensive cleaning services designed to lengthen the life of your pool equipment and enhance your swimming experience. We specialize in all types of pool filters, including cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE (diatomaceous earth) filters. Choose Integrity Pools for all of your Irving Pool Filter cleaning needs!

Expert Irving Pool Filter Cleaning Services

A clean and functional pool filter is essential for keeping your pool water clean and sparkling. At Integrity Pools, we provide thorough cleaning services that not only improve your pool’s water quality but also increase the longevity of your pool equipment.

Why is Pool Filter Cleaning Important?

The Heart of Pool Maintenance

The pool filter is arguably the most important component of your pool’s maintenance system. It removes small particles and contaminants from the pool water, which, if left unchecked, can lead to cloudy water and increased chemical demand. Regular pool filter cleaning:

  • Ensures Clear Water: Regular cleaning keeps your pool water inviting and safe for swimming by efficiently removing debris and contaminants.
  • Extends Filter Life: Proper maintenance and timely cleaning extend the life of your pool filter, saving money on potentially costly repairs or replacements.
  • Improves Efficiency: Clean filters mean better water flow and reduced stress on your pool pump, which can also reduce energy costs.


Richardson Texas Pool Filter Cleaners Pool Filter Cleaning Services in Irving, TX

Comprehensive Pool Filter Cleaning Process

At Integrity Pools, we follow a meticulous process to clean your pool filter, whether it’s a sand filter, cartridge filter, or DE filter.

For Cartridge Filters:

  1. Removal and Inspection: Technicians carefully remove the filter cartridges and inspect them for any signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or tears.
  2. Initial Rinse: Using a regular garden hose with moderate pressure, the filter cartridges are rinsed to remove loose dirt and debris. This is crucial for maintaining a steady stream of water flow through the filter.
  3. Soaking: Cartridges are soaked in a specialized cleaning solution to dissolve oils, minerals, and built-up grime. This solution typically includes a mixture of muriatic acid and TSP (trisodium phosphate) substitute to effectively break down contaminants without damaging the cartridge.
  4. Final Wash: After soaking, the cartridges are rinsed again with a hose to wash away any remaining cleaning solution and loosened dirt.
  5. Drying and Reassembly: Once clean, the cartridges are dried and then reassembled into the filter housing with all O-rings and seals checked for integrity.

For Sand Filters:

  1. Backwashing: The process begins with backwashing the filter, which reverses the water flow to flush out trapped dirt and debris from the sand.
  2. Chemical Cleaning: After backwashing, a chemical cleaner is added to the filter tank to break down organic build-ups and any clumped sand.
  3. Rinse Cycle: Running a rinse cycle post-chemical cleaning helps to remove any leftover cleaner and debris, preparing the sand filter for regular operation.
  4. Inspection and Service: Our technicians inspect the filter tank, standpipe, and lateral assembly for any signs of damage or wear and then perform necessary repairs or replacements.

For DE Filters:

  1. Grid Removal and Cleaning: DE filter grids are removed and cleaned individually using a garden hose and a soft brush to help prevent damaging the pleated surfaces.
  2. Total Filter Unit Replacements: If the grids are beyond cleaning or repair, we offer total filter unit replacements.
  3. Recharging DE: After cleaning, fresh diatomaceous earth is added to the filter, which coats the grids and continues to filter out fine particles.
Experience top-notch pool filter cleaning services by our experts. Ensure crystal-clear water and optimal functionality.

Regular Maintenance and Servicing

Scheduled Filter Maintenance

Integrity Pools recommends scheduling regular maintenance checks to ensure your filter system continues to function effectively:

  • Frequency: Depending on your pool’s usage and location, filter cleaning is typically recommended every 3 to 6 months.
  • Comprehensive Checks: Maintenance visits include checks on pool chemicals, filter pressure, and overall pool equipment health to identify potential issues early.

DIY Tips for Pool Owners

For Irving homeowners interested in performing basic filter maintenance:

  • Regular Inspections: Check filter pressure and inspect for leaks or signs of wear regularly.
  • Simple Cleaning: Use a hose to rinse cartridge filters or initiate a backwash cycle for sand filters.
  • Avoid High Pressure: When rinsing filters, avoid using extremely high pressure as it can damage the filter media.

Why Choose Integrity Pools for Your Pool Filter Cleaning?

Professional and Experienced Service

Integrity Pools brings professionalism and expertise to every job. Our technicians have proper training and use specialized tools and solutions to avoid damaging your filters while thoroughly cleaning them.

Dedicated to Irving, TX Community

As a local business, we are dedicated to serving the Irving community with quality and reliability. We understand the common issues faced by pool owners in this region and tailor our services to meet these specific needs.


Filter Cleaning by Integrity Pools is your professional choice for maintaining a healthy and clean pool all year round. With our thoughtful and thorough services, you can be assured that your swimming pool will remain in top condition, providing endless hours of summer fun. Contact us today to schedule your next pool filter cleaning and embrace a hassle-free pool ownership experience.

Ready to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean?

Contact Integrity Pools today for superior pool filter cleaning services in Irving, TX. Ensure your pool is always ready to enjoy with our expert, reliable services designed to extend the life and improve the performance of your pool equipment. Let us take the worry out of pool maintenance so you can focus on what’s important—enjoying your pool!




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