One of the easiest and quickest ways to narrow the list of candidates is to research online.

What services do they offer? 

A reliable pool builder company will offer all of the pool care services you could ever need such as pool cleaning and chemical balancing, filter cleaning, repairs and even leak detection services

Read their reviews online

Many companies will only handpick the best reviews to display on their website. No pool company only has 5 star reviews. If you see a bad review you can ask the contractor about the review. If they have an excellent record keeping system they should be able to honestly tell you why that occurred. How did the company respond to the problem? You can learn a lot about a company from their mistakes. Look for professionalism and an eagerness to make things right. 

swimming pool builders in Dallas and Richardson CHOOSING THE RIGHT SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTOR

How long have they been in business? 

Check to see how many years the company has been in business. You will want a pool builder who has been around to service and maintain their pools for years. Pool builders without an lengthy operating history will be a gamble on whether they can deliver after the installation.


Only work with contractors who have insurance coverage. This insurance should be available for any accidents or injuries that happen on the job, helping to eliminate your liability if something goes wrong.

 Hire Licensed Contractors

 When a pool installation team is licensed, it increases the likelihood that they are professional. Pool installation is a big project, which means that you will likely run into problems if you hire a small handyman or a contractor who is just getting started in the industry. 

Check their website for a portfolio of work they have done.

A good pool builder should be able to provide an portfolio of completed projects. This can give you insight into how they work and what kind of pools they build; it could also help make your decision easier when choosing who to hire for the project.

Speak with a company representative in person or on the phone.

Have a list of all your questions about the pool construction process. Ask them about some of their reviews and some of the completed jobs you have seen on their site. 

Book a sales appointment with one of their sales representatives.

If you feel comfortable with the conversation ask them about a sales consultation appointment. Have every question you could imagine about the project written down and ask the representaive all of them. They should be knowledgable enough to answer them all without hesitation. Ask for references from the salesperson during the meeting. 

Free Estimate with 3D Pool design

You’ll want a 3D rendering of what your pool will look like. Today the latest 3D planning software can provide an accurate view of your home and yard with the proposed new pool design pictured as if it were already there.

swimming pool contractors completed a job in Dallas Texas CHOOSING THE RIGHT SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTOR

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